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Its important to check the safety of your crane hoists, slings, and chains and replace them as needed. You need to know how many legs are on your sling, the hook style you want, select a chain size, and chain reach for the weight you need to lift. Find crane hoist, slings, overhead lifting supplies, gantry hoists, Industrial chains, load lifting chains, rigging chains, rigging cables, lifting slings, winches, rigging equipment and more at

Crane Hoists 

Whether you are searching for manual, electric, air, or chain hoists,  you can find the crane hoist you are looking for here on Find crane hoists from manufacturers such as Vestil, Yale, Harrington, Coffing and many other hoist manufacturers for all of your overhead lifting needs.


When shopping for slings, there are many choices to make in order to find the appropriate type. Wire rope slings are very common in the crane industry. These are often the least expensive and can lift some of the greatest capacities. Wire rope slings consist of many wires wound into a strand, and several strands woven around a core rope or wire to
make up the sling. They are some of the most commonly used slings on construction jobsites.

Synthetic slings come in many styles, sizes, and capacities. Nylon slings offer great capacities, and do not kink like wire rope slings. They are very flexible and do not present cutting hazards like wire rope slings do when there is a broken wire. Nylon slings also help protect the equipment you are lifting by not scratching it up like their steel counterpart. Endless slings have many of the same qualities, but instead of having lifting eyes at each end, the ends are connected to each other. A disadvantage to these nylon slings are that they are susceptible to tears and rips around sharp objects. Keep synthetic slings away from acid and other corrosive type of chemicals.


Chains are another form of rigging used for lifting heavy loads. These are the most durable of all of the types of slings available, but can often be heavy. They are more often used in industrial projects than construction projects. An additional advantage of chain slings is the resistance to heat and variations to temperature.  The normal chains found at your local hardware store are not permitted for overhead lifting. Make sure the chains being used for your hoisting are marked with the appropriate rating to insure crane safety.